Resource Management - FSR

NAF Accounting Office

Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. Performs full range of accounting duties using double-entry accrual accounting methods. Maintains and reconciles double-entry bookkeeping journals and subsidiary ledgers, posted entries to establish accounts, prepared daily, monthly balances, reconciled accounts, and transcribed to general ledger for close out of all accounts. Documented financial transactions by entering account information. Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports. Substantiated financial transactions by auditing documents. Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures. Prepares payments by verifying documentation, and requesting disbursements.

Unit Enhancement Funds

In accordance with AFMAN34-201 paragraph 4.3.1. and 4.3.2. Non-appropriated Funds can be used for “The installation commander establishes guidelines on expenditure levels at your installation for Wing, Group, Squadron or organizational parties and picnics, Team Building events and activities which directly support Air Force squadrons, units and staffs to enhance unit cohesion”. See the bottom of the page for necessary documents.

  • Unit funds cannot be used in conjunction with SM&W funds
  • Alcohol is not allowed
  • Function has to be Rank inclusive
  • Function must be open to military and civilian members
  • Original receipts are required for reimbursement

No purchase allowed until the funds are approved by FSS/CC.

Examples of Unit Funds Expenditures:

  • Food for a picnic (meat is allowed)
  • Pizza party
  • Bowling or other off-site unit activity
  • Subsidize Christmas party
  • Paper plates and cups, plastic eating utensils and napkins are reimbursable

Areas to avoid:

  • Purchasing Gifts
  • Making donations
  • Purchasing alcohol
  • Buying items that are authorized Appropriated Funds.

SM&W Change of Command Inquiries

Special Morale and Welfare Expenditures are Non-appropriated fund expenditures considered necessary to contribute to the overall morale and welfare of the military community. It is conservative, in the best interests of the Air Force, benefit the military community, not be limited to specific grades or levels of personnel. Special Morale and Welfare authority cannot be used in lieu of appropriated funds for purposes authorized in Air Force Instruction 65-603, Official Representation Funds or Air Force Instruction 65-601, Vol 1, Budget Guidance and Procedures. Resource Manager Office and Non-appropriated Fund Financial Analyst representatives conduct periodic evaluations of the Special Morale and Welfare program. The evaluation may be done by telephonic or electronic means. Representatives provide a written report of findings to appropriate personnel for resolution. If appropriated funds are authorized but not available, non-appropriated funds cannot be used. Commanders and others delegated approval authority will not expend funds for Special Morale and Welfare purposes if the expenditures are authorized elsewhere in this instruction or authorized from appropriated funds (Air Force Instruction 65-601, Volume 1, or Air Force Instruction 65-603). This paragraph provides definitions of terms and lists examples of permissible Special Morale and Welfare expenditures as authorized in Table 12.1. See the bottom of the page for necessary documents.

Private Organizations

The Private Organization Office is here to assist any groups interested in establishing themselves as a Private Organization at Incirlik AB. We encourage you to take time and read information provided on this site that will help you become an officially recognized Private Organization (PO) at Incirlik AB.

Because Private Organizations operate on Air Force installations with the written authorization of the Commander, 39th Mission Support Group (authority having been delegated by the Commander, 39th Fighter Wing), the Private Organizations Office acts as a liaison between Private Organization members, the Legal Office, 39th Force Support Commander and the 39th Mission Support Group Commander to get all documentation set up for group establishment as a Private Organization.

Once established, the Private Organization office will maintain a file on each Private Organization and at the end of each fiscal year, will review each Private Organization to ensure all financial statements, documents, records and procedures outlined in the Private Organization Guide are followed and the organizations are in compliance with Air Force Instructions (AFI) any Operating Instructions (OI).

In order for a group to become a registered Private Organization on Incirlik AB, the following documents will need to be submitted to 39 FSS/FSR

  1. Constitution by laws, or other similar documents outlined in the Private Organization Guidance Handbook
  2. Insurance Waiver or Proof of Insurance
  3. Letter to Establish
  4. Key Personnel List

See the bottom of the page for necessary documents.

For more information, contact via or 676.8488

NAF Chaplain Program

Use MWR funds for AFMAN34-201 para 4.3.13. Chaplain-hosted nondenominational recreational or morale and welfare programs that benefit members of the military community and their families. These programs should only receive nonappropriated funding after core Morale, Welfare, and Recreation fund activities are fully funded and operational. Approval needs to be given prior to purchasing items. See the bottom of the page for necessary documents.

Useful Documents