Official Document Center - ODC

Services Provided

Mailing Multiple Packages

An appointment is required when you are sending 5 or more packages. Our appointments can be made between 0930 – 1100, Monday – Friday. To schedule an appointment, please call 676-7481 or email us at Please have all required forms completed prior to your scheduled appointment.

Online Custom Form

Large envelopes and letter mail packages containing merchandise (anything other than letters and developed personal photos) that are mailed from an MPO must have a customs declaration form. The Sender’s failure to complete the form properly could delay delivery of the item. Moreover, a false, misleading, or incomplete declaration may result in the seizure or return of the item and/or imposed UCMJ action for military members. Customers may choose to use any of the following:
– Create a free USPS account (Click here to create an account) to utilize the USPS Click-N-Ship feature to complete and pay for their customs form (fastest way to drop off packages).
– Fill out and print a customs form from this USPS website (Click here for customs forms) without creating an account, and they pay at the postal finance window.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items IAW Mailing Standards of the USPS Publication 52 – Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail, members cannot mail out the following items:
– Knives
– Guns
– Aerosol sprays/cans
– Alcohol

This also relates to items that are ‘going away gifts’. Please refer to this link ( for additional prohibited items.
If you have questions, please contact the ODC at

Official Document Center Outbound Section is Cashless

We have alleviated the use of cash payments for postal services provided to the customers. Our debit/credit machines accept all major approved cards.

Customs Form Guidance

When filling out a Customs Form, customers must be descriptive and list out all of the items they have in their package (to include quantity and value). We will not accept forms that have vague descriptions such a electronics, gifts, household goods, merchandise, clothing, etc. Failure to comply with these standards can delay the shipment of your mail, as well as other packages.

ODC Volunteers

The Official Document Center has a volunteer schedule available. The program is open to all members that meet the criteria outlined below. We are requesting members arrive at 0715 to sign in and receive the postal safety briefing. The truck size varies but volunteers are usually done by 0930. Members can wear their uniform or work appropriate attire with closed-toe shoes that are comfortable.

– Volunteers should be able to lift up to 70lbs and stand for prolonged periods,
– Must not have any criminal history that questions integrity such as theft,
– No prior history of being relieved from military postal duties
Please use the link below if you would like to support. As a reminder, volunteers should coordinate with their leadership prior to signing up.
For questions/concerns contact:, DSN: 314.676.6301


Authorized members can send packages to another APO at no cost. All APO to APO packages must meet all requirements for mailing, including complete delivery and return addresses. When shipping to another APO, sending items to advertise home businesses or conduct any business is prohibited. If using a USPS Priority Mail box, you will pay for that service/postage.

Use of free APO to APO shipping for transport of personal property in connection with PCS/TDY moves are prohibited, with the exception of uniforms and professional gear required to perform official duties at the next duty station. (Reference DoD 4525.6-M, Postal Manual, C3.2.11)

Package Notifications

There is an issue with package notifications going to the .mil emails. It is highly suggested that customers stop by the directory section and add their personal email address to their profile. This will ensure that member’s receive the package notification email.