Military Personnel Flight

Services Provided

Appointments for CAC or DEERS

Site ID 700402

Assignments, Separations, Retirements, Reenlistments, Promotions and Career Status Bonuses

Evaluations, Awards and Decorations, Duty Status, UMPR, Special Duty Assignment Pay, PCAs, Leave and Travel Requests, and PRP

Passports, ID Cards, BAS, Adverse Actions, Family Status Changes, Citizenship, SGLI, Survivor Benefit Planning, Dress and Appearance & Inprocessing

Close-Out Dates for EPRs

Rank Accounting Date Static Close-Out
SrA & Below 3 December 31 March
SSgt & Selects 3 October 31 January
TSgt & Selects 3 August 30 November
MSgt & Selects 3 June 30 September
SMSgt & Selects 3 April 31 July
CMSgt & Selects 3 February 31 May

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a new CAC?

Please make an appointment at, Site ID is 700402, then stop by the MPF in Building 833 with two forms of ID and we can help you out.

What are the static close-out dates for EPRs?

The table below shows the static close-out date for all RegAF enlisted personnel, based on their rank on the accounting date.

How can I check if my records are up-to-date?

The resources available to you in vMPF provides you with a real-time snapshot of your personnel records. Access vMPF via the AF Portal, click on ‘Record Review/Update’ in the lower left corner, and use the hyperlinks to the left to review your records. You have access to update any information in blue underlined sections. All other errors need to be processed through your Unit CSS or local MPF.

What are the rules for reenlisting/extending?

An Airman must have 12-months retainability after DEROS to be considered for an assignment. If an Airman does not have or obtain the required retainability by the required date, their DEROS will be involuntarily extended to match their date of separation and will be projected for separation. If you have questions, contact your Unit CSS or the MPF if CSS is not available.

How can I apply for the Turkey Assignment Incentive Pay (TAIP) program?

Airmen can apply for TAIP prior to arriving at Incirlik AB or within 90 days of arrival. If a member decides while they are at Incirlik AB that they would like to apply for TAIP, they can request approval from their assignment team using an Exception-To-Policy letter along with a signed TAIP memorandum. Airmen who apply for TAIP prior to arrival should begin receiving the incentive payments upon in-processing to Incirlik AB. Airmen who apply for TAIP later in their assignment should begin receiving the incentive payments effective their admission into the program. If you have questions, contact your Unit CSS or the MPF.

Do I need a passport while at Incirlik AB?

If you are considering taking overseas leave while assigned to Incirlik AB, you may require a passport. Check the Foreign Clearance Guide, located at This has the information you need to know prior to your travel, regardless if your visit is official business or leisure.

How long does it take to receive PCS orders once I submit my documents?

You are looking at about 2 weeks of PCS order processing. Once your documents are received, your assignment counselor has 3 duty days to review and respond to you. If no correction(s) are needed, your assignment counselor has 1 additional duty day to draft the orders. The approving official has 1 duty day to review the draft orders and may either return the orders for corrections or submit them to AFPC for authentication. AFPC then has 5-8 duty days to authenticate the orders. You will receive an automated message once your orders are authenticated and published to vMPF.

I’m PCSing overseas with my dependents and they need an official/no-fee passport and visa. Can I submit the application to my local MPF for processing?

Per DOD regulations, all applicants must be physically available for an in-person interview during the application process. Therefore, your Incirlik MPF team cannot accept official/no-fee passport applications for dependents. Your dependents must contact the nearest military installation for assistance and they must have a copy of your PCS orders readily available. The official/no-fee passport application process could take between 4 to 6 weeks. After dependents receive the official/no-fee passport, an additional 4 or more weeks is needed for the visa application process. Contact the local MPF Customer Service team for additional questions.

How early can I submit my documents for PCS orders?

You may submit your documents as early as 180 days, but no later than 90 days, prior to your projected departure date.